Here at The Coffee Machine Company we listen to our  customers, learn from your feedback and endeavour to improve on a daily basis.


You told us that the coffee from bean to cup machines (our speciality), somehow lacks the robust flavour you get from some other machines, although you love the drinks and put them up there with the big boys!


We researched the problem and set out to find a solution, and our own blend of coffe beans was born!


To achieve that robust, full taste, we have blended beans to create a perfectly balanced flavour and strong aroma, with a rich, dark crema and no bitterness or aftertaste.

The perfect roast for modern bean to cup machines! 


Available exclusively from our online store  in 1kg bags, you can buy any quantity you like with no minimum order.


We hope you enjoy our new blend of coffee beans as much as we do, and welcome any feedback!

Jay hussain with coffee roasting
growing coffee beans
raw and roasted coffee beans
coffee roasting
Coffee machine company blend of coffee beans